Services Include:

Concierge: On hand to assit you with all arrangements such as dinner reservations, flight bookings, car rentals and accomodation. All bookings and arrangements are done discretely and are available to security teams as well as executives and tourists who are travelling alone.

Personal Assistant: Executives, VIP’s or families on the move may need someone to assist with errands, shopping, managing the diary or fetching the laundry. Where possible, our personal assistants will be fluent in your home language.

Child Minders: Quality grown-up time while travelling with the children is often difficult. Our child minders are on hand to look after the kids while you enjoy the evening or event. All our child minders are properly screened and will be versed in all the security protocols applicable.

Security Team Support Services include:

Route Planning: All major routes in and around the area of your stay can be surveyed in advance and detailed route guides with distances, times and alternate routes can be provided. Our control room operators are also on hand to assist with traffic updates. Main routes are checked regularly by PSS teams to ensure the accuracy of the Route Guides. Route guides can be supplied in hard copy or electonically – direct to your mobile phone (MMS / Email / Text).

Site or Venue Surveys: Hotels, Restaurants and other points or places of interest can be surveyed. Detailed information can then be made available, such as building layout, floor plans, exit/escape routes, adjacent buildings/areas as well as all relevant contact details.

Advance / Teams: Teams can be allocated for your exclusive use and will carry out all functions as required by your Security Team leader.


Care Packages: On arrival, you will be given a care package tailored to meet your specific needs. Our standard packages, basic, intermediate and advanced, include items such as pre-programmed GPS, Cell Phone with local sim card, city guide, medical kit and a few other usefull items.

Clothing and Apparel: Un-seasonable weather conditions or breakages can sometimes catch you off-guard. Political or security conditions may also change while you are in country or you may just prefer to travel light. We have a wide range of general, safety, rescue and tactical products available.